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We are able to make many types of candles and can arrange custom sizes. We also have our own carb-compliant and economically-priced reed diffuser formulation.  




We offer a large selection of wax bases including paraffin, textured (mottled) wax, soy wax and our own natural plant-based wax. We are able to work with custom waxes as well.

We have thousands of stock fragrances available to choose from and we can make recommendations. If you have a custom fragrance you would like matched, or a particular fragrance 'type' you are looking for, we are able to assist you with this.


Our team has extensive knowledge of the industry and can make recommendations regarding fragrance, wick and wax selection.  This will help to make the development process as easy and simple as possible. 

For more information visit our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page.



Some customers supply us with completed packaging for their products while others send us their artwork and we arrange to have the packaging printed at an affordable price.  We do have full package/label design service available as well





​We manufacture our products in our own factory according to our customers' specifications.  We are able to handle volumes from 1,000 - 100,000+ at a time. We manufacture specialty runs as well as continual, ongoing orders with shipments leaving weekly or monthly.

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